Afraid To Dance (valeot001 2xLP)

"afraid to dance" is the second album by port-royal. it was released on CD by resonant records in summer 2007 and now we offer a different version of the album on 2x12" vinyl including an alternative version of the song "deca-dance" and a remix of "roliga timmen" by dergar.

port-royal's music is located at the border of electronica, ambient and postrock, but with "afraid to dance" they also make a first step towards - yes! - dance music, and we love that: beautiful melodies, captivating beats and a pleasantly drowning ocean of sound.



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A1 Bahnhof Zoo
A2 Putin Vs Valery
A3 Roliga Timmen (Dergar Remix)
B1 Anya: Sehnsucht
B2 Deca-Dance (Exhausted Tour Version)
C1 Internet Love
C2 German Bigflies
C3 Leitmotiv | Glasnost

Deca-Dance (Exhausted Tour Version)
Putin Vs Valery

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